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Here is what Lisa's clients have to say. . . 

Kathy F.

Westport Island, ME

January  2022

I have had Lisa work on me.  She is AMAZING!  I walk away feeling terrific!!!!  My pain melts away!

Matt M.

Harpswell, ME

September 2021

Be open to a pain free, rewarding and enhancing experience.

Cathy T.

Harpswell, ME

June 2021

Lisa provided a very relaxing and safe environment for healing.  She was focused and skilled in her craft.  I experienced significant relief, after one visit, for an issue I have had for many months.  It is amazing what the frequency of sound can do to heal the body on all levels.  I am grateful for her work and compassion.

Anita K.

Brunswick, ME

June 2021

I am in the 6th decade of my life.  I believe there are undeveloped talents and skills within that will help me fulfill my purpose/passion in life.  Lisa, Sound Healing has helped me begin that journey.  In gratitude, Anita.

Sabrina A.

Portland, ME

June 2021

Lisa approaches each session with openness, kindness, and a deep understanding of sound and energy healing.  Her strong intuition guides the session and the shifts are felt deeply both while on the table and beyond.  Lisa is clearly gifted and cares about her clients and their highest good and healing.

Diane D.

Brunswick, ME 

May 20, 2021

Lisa's sessions have been invaluable to me.  I would arrive for appointment, sometimes in tears, to find her full of compassion and advice.  She would put my feet in her Himalayan Bowl and start the grounding process and let me decompress at my own pace.  I would then have an amazing session each time and walk away feeling like a new person. I  highly recommend Lisa and her healing sessions.

Melissa J.

Topsham,  ME

via Facebook 

March  2020

Lisa is AMAZING!! and I wish I could come up with a better word. She listens to you and talks with your soul. Lisa is a gifted healer with a multitude of sound healing options to soothe and heal your every nook and cranny deep into a cellular level and beyond. Crystal bowls, chimes, bells, rattles, song and the list goes on and on! I have followed up with questions after the several sessions I’ve had with Lisa and she’s very quick to respond, sharing her love and light in all that she does. If you have been thinking about having a sound healing session with Lisa, call today! Her spirit, OM, zen love is something everyone should experience!!

Linda Huitt

Buxton, ME

via Facebook 

February  2020

Lisa is an extremely gifted healing practitioner. I had a private sound healing session with her recently. She greeted me and brought me to her very comfortable healing room. While I relaxed on the table, she used a variety of tools and techniques - bowls, gongs, chimes and more - to "move" my energy and help me create a shift. During part of the session, I almost felt that I was transported to a dreamstate, yet I was still completely aware of what was taking place - I felt that my session with Lisa helped me with a significant shift that was needed in my life. Plus, it was extremely relaxing! I highly recommend a private session with Lisa.

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