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This page explains my policies for deposits, cancellations, refunds, and "no shows" for private and group sessions.

I established these policies to be fair to all of my clients who may be looking for session times, and also to be fair to myself.  The flow of abundance that Soul Star Energy Healings generates is essential for the continued expansion of my practice, as well as for personal, spiritual and financial growth to be better able to serve my clients.  I am grateful to have you and all of my clients be a part of the flow of abundance.  

Below you will find information on:

​I hope you find this information helpful.


With Blessings and Gratitude,


A Deposit is Required to Confirm

Whether you are booking a private or group session, we typically ask for a minimum deposit of the lesser of approximately 50% or $100 to hold your appointment.  Why?

  • When you book a private appointment or group session, it blocks my calendar so that no one else can book an appointment at that time. 

  • A deposit helps to ensure that you will keep your appointment, honoring the above bullets.​

The deposit request may be sent to you as an invoice via email.


I use PayPal for most of my invoicing and credit card payments from my clients.   For deposits, you may receive an invoice via email.  It will come to you (via PayPal) from the following email address.  Please make sure your email accepts these addresses and does not send them to your junk / spam folder:

Cancellations initiated by Lisa /Soul Star Energy Healings

Should I cancel your appointment or reschedule a workshop (e.g. due to extreme weather or a personal / family emergency), you have the choice of a refund, to reschedule, or to apply your deposit toward another session* or event*.

I will attempt to notify you:

  1. Via your email on record, if the session / event is at least 48 hours in the future.

  2. Via text to your phone number on record, if the session / event is less than 48 hours in the future, and/or you have not responded to my email on attempt 1.

  3. Via a phone call to the phone number on record, if the session / event is less than 24 hours in the future, and/or you have not responded to my text on attempt 2.

* This applies to sessions / events that are conducted by Lisa Steinbeiser-Maurer at Soul Star Energy Healings 

  • If the event is presented by Lisa at another business's location (e.g. You Time), the policies of that business take precedence

Lisa Cancellation

If you must cancel, please use the Contact form, or email / call / text Lisa (see contact information in the footer of this website).


  • If you cancel at least 48 hours in advance, you have a choice of a full refund, or to apply your deposit to another session / event.

  • If you cancel less than 48 hours but more than 4 hours in advance, you may apply your deposit to another session / event.  (No refund.)

  • If you cancel less than 4 hours in advance, you forfeit your 50% deposit, and may ask for a refund of any deposit you paid in excess of 50%.

  • If you are a "no show", you forfeit your full deposit.

  • Lisa may choose to make exceptions to the above in case of an unexpected personal or family emergency you are facing.  Contact Lisa to discuss.

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